Tawaf E Ishq Complete Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Read Complete Novel Tawaf e Ishq by Sumaira Hameed. Sumaira Hameed is a writer who is famous for her beautiful and quite different writing style. Apart from Borshay, Ummul Yaqeen, Yaaram and many more Tawaf e Ishq is another hit. Story of girls who goes for Hajj with the group and read what happens to them….

Tawaf E Ishq Novel by Sumaira Hameed


Tawaf e Ishq is beautifully written and is latest novel of Sumaira Hameed. You might not forget this novel once you read it. Containing only 98 pages Tawaf e Ishq is complete novel which came in 2 parts. Tawaf e Ishq Episode 1 and Tawaf e Ishq Episode 2 was published in monthly Digest.

It seems like Sumaira Hameed has so much to say, so much to express and these few pages are merely a reflection of what she is really capable of. Although I leave it to the author still I firmly believe that stories like Tawaf e Ishq are so broad that they can easily be converted into an episodic material.


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  1. Kashifa parveen

    Sumaira hameed bahut acha likhti hai, mujhe unki har kahani ka besabri se intezar rehta hai

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