Haya Novel Complete By Fakhra Waheed

Haya Novel By Fakhra Waheed is a Romantic story based on a Kidnapping story. About a group of gangsters who used to kidnap girls and sell them in market for use. A helpless girl in this story got in the hands of such criminals and her struggle to get rid of the goons. An inspiring story of girl who changed her life and learned the real meaning of life. Got strong and fought with people to show them their true colors.

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Haya Complete Novel


Haya Novel Complete By Fakhra Waheed

Haya By Fakhra Waheed Complete Novel PDF Download

Initially this novel is started by some unknown writer, after two episodes Ms. Fakhra Waheed has taken up story because the original writer has discontinued the story. Fakhra waheed  is very talented Urdu novelist who has TAken up story from middle and continued it.. .

Forced Marriage Novel


Haya Novel by Fakhra Waheed Download




Presenting Here Complete Nove Haya By Fakhra Waheed.


Force Marriage Urdu Novel

Kidnapping based Novel


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