Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmed Complete Novel

Jannat Kay Pattay is written on a very important and sensitive topic which is near to almost everyone’s heart. Jannat Kay Pattay is a story based on people who take pain for other always available for help and locate the right direction in every problem. Who do not want to gain name by their good deeds and who really are in search of True Path.

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Jannat Kay Pattay
Jannat Kay Pattay

Those who always look for right path and keep Allah’s order and Shariah in every inch and every need of life are people discussed into Jannay Kay Pattay.

This delusion never implement each person to adopt any particular facet, however it’s going to without a doubt say something “if you never need to do proper things however don’t create hurdles and issues for individuals.

Who need to preserve Jannat ky pattay of their palms. Don’t become banu quraiza for the opponents of ahzab conflict. The folks who perform and obey the orders of Allah, inspire them and don’t be alone them, don’t supply them punishment for recognition of Allah’s orders with none hesitation. if someone want to obey Allah’s complete order then don’t be on my own him/her even you never accept the ones orders.

Jannat Kay Pattay

down load pdf or examine on-line jannat kay pattay full novel authored with the aid of nimra ahmed, she may be very famous lady urdu novelist, urdu short and long testimonies writer and screenwriter from pakistan. nimra ahmad has write many urdu novels for one-of-a-kind urdu digests and magazines. jannat ke pattay novel is one of her masterpiece lengthy story based urdu novel. this novel is for children, as because the unconventional is set a romantic story of present day era, related to pakistani society. jannat okay pattay is here whole novel in pdf layout. read haalim

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