Haalim Episode 18 Part 2

Haalim Episode 18 Part 2 is going to publish here very soon. After Episode 18th part 1 there is another part in continuation is going to release. Whether it is Haalim Episode 18 Part 2. Keep Checking Urdu Kitabain for latest updates on Novel Haalim by Nimra AhmedHalim Episode 19 is most awaited episode since in this episode crossover is started and will see whats next in cross over.  Readers has seen the combination of Taalia Murad and Jehan Sikander in Episode 18 Part I now what they are going to do together. Continue reading the novel and get more exciting new twists and shocks as the Novel goes on. After the Success of Namal (Nemrah ahmed’s Last novel) the writer has started this very novel Haalim “The Dreamer” in 2017

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While the Novel Namal has came to an end. Readers were sad that the writer said she is going to take a long break. But the writer’s life doesn’t have such luxuries. She than decided to continue writing and that appeared with her latest new Novel Haalim. Haalim Novel Gained more than expected fame due to the unique story.

It is May 2017 when a Nimrah Ahmed Started New Episode. Haalim is most unique and most reading novel of Nimrah Ahmed after Jannat Kay Pattay & Namal. With a unique plot Haalim started to gain readers attention more and more everyday. It is about time traveling that may not have come previously in any famous novel. Haalim Episode 18 Part 2 is uploaded a sequel of Haalim Episode 18.

haalim episode 18 part 2


Haalim Episode 18 Part 2


Thus the readers badly wait each month of the episodes. But those who read directly from the monthly Digest appears to be satisfy and happy because they get to read the novel regularly in the Monthly digest.  However some of us reads the novel from Internet that is going on far ahead of monthly digest and will end soon (announced from team of Haalim).

Haalim Episode 18 Part 2

Haalim Episode 18
Haalim Episode 18

Halim Episode 19

Halim Episode 18 By Nimra Ahmed is mostly reading and appreciate among Urdu novel. Also lovers and readers around the world. Haalim Episode 18 is Choor and Jasoos as the writer announce and you can read the title page here in the image above.

Haalim epi 19

You may Download and read the previous episodes and be able to read Halim Episode 18 soon from Urdu Kitabain. Urdu Kitabain is a place for Free Download and Read Online and Khawateen Digest December 2018.

Halim Episode 19 PDF download

Soon you will be able to read your favorite novel here.

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