Yaaram Complete Novel By Sumaira Hameed High Quality Edition 2020

Read Complete Novel Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed. Sumaira Hameed is a writer who is famous for her beautiful and quite different writing style. Apart from Borshay, Ummul Yaqeen, Yaaram and many more Tawaf-e-Ishq is another hit. Story of girls who goes for Hajj with the group and read what happens to them….

yaaram novel
yaaram novel

Yaaram Novel by Sumaira Hameed

Furthermore, read here complete novel by Sumaira Hameed and get the latest collection of her best novels. Sumaira Hameed is very famous Urdu novelist her Novels read in large quantity of Urdu novel readers and famous all over the world.

You can download Yaaram novel PDF  file from this page. This amazing and wonderful Urdu novel has remained very popular all the time among the Urdu story lovers since its publication. The name of the author is Sumaira Hameed.

About the Urdu novel Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed

Yaaram translation in English is a beloved friend. It is a lovely and remarkable love story with a lot of emotions, strange behavior of family members, several amazing characters and some breathtaking situations. Carl is one of the character people liked the most in it. The plot revolves around a young girl named Amarha. She is badly neglected and insulted by all her family members except her grandfather. She gets a scholarship and comes to Manchester for education. Now the story becomes more interesting and comical with some funny characters such as CarlVeeraSaiJim and some others. Here Amarha falls in love with Aaliyan. He is an adopted son of her landlady.
The novel is really entertaining. It will give you joy, happiness, sadness, laughter and thrill. It also ends with happiness. Although some time the author goes into an unnecessary detail, but you can’t stop yourself to read it till end.

Sumaira Hameed Novel List

Tawaf-e-ishq is beautifully write and very clear to read and is latest novel of Sumaira Hameed. You might not forget this novel once you read it. Containing only 98 pages Tawaf-e-Ishq is complete novel which comes in 2 parts. Tawaf-e Ishq Episode 1 and Tawaf e-Ishq Complete novel was publish in monthly Digest.

Full Novel Download Link available.

It seems like Sumaira Hameed has so much to say, so much to express and these few pages are merely a reflection of what she is really capable of. Although I leave it to the author still I firmly believe that stories like Tawaf-e-Ishq are so broad that they can easily be converted into an episodic material.


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Yaaram Complete Novel Download

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Yaaram Novel

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