Borshay Complete Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Read Complete Novel Borshay by Sumaira Hameed. Sumaira is not shy in person when it comes to write on some real subject. Borshay is basically an Instrument (Saaz) which is playing by a girl. Rang sab hi achey hotey hain… Bura to inhain ghalat stroke ker detey hain… Yes, it is the real mantra of life that is conveyed by Sumaira so beautifully in these lines.

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Borshay Novel by Sumaira Hameed

While reading Borshay, it reminded me of a few other celebrated stuff as well. Especially the initial scenes when Oscar & Marya meets in nights were too close to Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s White Nights. Kudos to Sumaira for keeping up her own unique style while telling this story in such a way that it can easily be placed in front of the global audience.

It seems like Sumaira Hameed has so much to say, so much to express and these few pages are merely a reflection of what she is really capable of. Although I leave it to the author still I firmly believe that stories like Borshay are so broad that they can easily be converted into an episodic material.


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