Mohabbat Abhi Baki Hai by Kanwal Ijaz Complete Novel

Mohabbat Abhi Baki Hai By Kanwal Ijaz is Latest Urdu Novel publish firstly on Urdukitabain. This is very first novel of the writer written on very common and social problem. Here we are going to read the complete novel Mohabbat Abhi Baki Hai By Kanwal Ijaz. This novel is about a girl who is never disappointed and always looks for ALLAH’s guidance and prays. Warda is main character of novel who you will find interesting in this novel.

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Kanwal Ejaz is very talented and rising Urdu writer who has been writing for not so long time but gain population in different areas of internet social media by her attractive writing skills. Also she has written beautiful columns in News paper.

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Mohabbat Abhi Baki Hai
Mohabbat Abhi Baki Hai



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  1. Very nice dear …. Its such a superb story … U have created such a positive wording view … Plz write more and more with this inspiration and passion

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