Khawateen Kay Khususi Masail

Khawateen Kay Khususi Masail

Sex Education

In Pakistan Sex is a important topic and need really healthy awareness which is lacking. Young generation, Both Boys and girls are very much close and frequent in social media use. Lot of illegal and not appreciated ways are paved for young generation to go astray. This is the reason, Sex Education is very much important and one should know what is good and what not at time when the body pick sexual changes.

He says that a lot of doctors in Pakistan still don’t speak overtly regarding sexual intercourse, and oldsters and academics are reluctant to speak about this issue. There’s no sex education in government faculties. He any aforementioned that it’s not thought-about right to speak regarding sex in Pakistan and it’s believed that if teens are talked regarding sex, it’ll encourage them to have interaction in un-Islamic practices.

“They request from me once sex education ought to begin and my answer is once the children begin talking. youngsters ought to be told the names of the reproductive organ within the same method because the names of the nose, hands, etc. are told.

Dr. Akhtar says, “When the kids ar a touch older, they raise wherever the kids return from, therefore you’ll be able to answer them properly. voice communication all this doesn’t build youngsters sexually active or virtuously depraved. Dr. Akhtar says there’s nothing un-Islamic regarding talking regarding sex. I started writing books explaining the most effective thanks to unfold sex education.

And during this book, sex education is explained consistent with Islam. “When i attempted to search out out what the Qur’an, sharia, and students say on now, i used to be surprised that there’s most mention sex in Islam. There ar several hadiths on the topic of sex. Topics on sex that Dr. Akhtar discusses in his book embody Islamic views on autoerotism, married issues, and post-sexual bathing practices.

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