Code 1429 Business Maths for BA / B.Com New AIOU Solved Notes

Code 1429 Business Mathematics is a core course for students enrolled in BA/B.Com at AIOU. This course covers topics such as business arithmetic, percentages, ratios, and proportions, simple and compound interest, annuities, and depreciation. The course aims to equip students with the necessary mathematical skills required to understand and analyze business transactions.

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Very Very Important Guess paper with Solution, Business Mathematics Code 1429 Important notes for Autumn 2023 solved papers For Exam Preparation

AIOU Business Mathematics Code 1429

اگلے پیج پر جانے کے لئے نیکسٹ پیج پر کلک کریں

اگر آپ کسی دوسرے کورس کے نوٹس اور پاسٹ پیپرز حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو کمنٹ سیکشن میں رابطہ کریں۔


کینیڈا میں نئی جابز تلاش کریں، ایک نئے پروگرام کے تحت ہر عام و خاص اپلائی کر سکتا ہے۔ معلومات کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں۔

Importance of Solved Notes

Solved notes are an essential resource for students enrolled in any course. They provide a comprehensive guide on the course content, assist students in understanding complex concepts, and help students prepare for exams. Solved notes are also useful for students who miss classes or need additional guidance in their studies.

Course Outline

The following is a detailed course outline for Code 1429 Business Mathematics for BA/B.Com AIOU:

H1: Business Arithmetic

  • H2: Addition and Subtraction
  • H2: Multiplication and Division
  • H2: Decimal Fractions
  • H2: Percentage

H1: Ratios and Proportions

  • H2: Ratio
  • H2: Proportion
  • H2: Direct and Inverse Proportion

H1: Simple and Compound Interest

  • H2: Simple Interest
  • H2: Compound Interest
  • H2: Time Value of Money

H1: Annuities

  • H2: Annuity Due
  • H2: Ordinary Annuity
  • H2: Present Value of Annuity
  • H2: Future Value of Annuity

H1: Depreciation

  • H2: Straight-Line Depreciation
  • H2: Reducing Balance Method
  • H2: Sinking Fund Method

Chapter # 1 Some Preliminaries

Chapter # 2 Linear Equations

Chapter # 3 Matrix Algebra

Chapter # 4 Introduction to Probability Theory

Chapter # 5 Probability Distributions

Chapter # 6 Differentiation

Chapter # 7 Optimization Methodology

Chapter # 8 Optimization Applications



Matrix Algebra

code 1429
code 1429


عام طور پر،  کوڈ 1429 بزنس میتھمیٹکس کا امتحان پچھلے سالوں کی طرح اسی طرز کی پیروی کرنے کا امکان ہے۔ فائنل امتحان عام طور پر 100 نمبروں کا ہوتا ہے اور اسے دو حصوں میں تقسیم کیا جاتا ہے۔ پہلا حصہ 50 کثیر انتخابی سوالات پر مشتمل ہے، جن میں سے ہر ایک کا 1 نمبر ہے۔ حصہ دو پانچ لمبے سوالات پر مشتمل ہے، جن میں سے ہر ایک کے 10 نمبر ہیں۔ امتحان کا دورانیہ تین گھنٹے ہے، اور طلباء کو پاس ہونے کے لیے کم از کم 40% نمبر حاصل کرنے چاہئیں۔

کورس کے مواد کا اچھی طرح مطالعہ کرکے، ریاضی کے مسائل کی باقاعدگی سے مشق کرکے، اور اپنی تیاری کی سطح کا اندازہ لگانے کے لیے فرضی ٹیسٹ لے کر امتحان کی اچھی تیاری کرنا ضروری ہے۔ مجھے امید ہے کہ اس معلومات سے مدد ملے گی۔

اردو ناول پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں۔

Financial Mathematics, including Time Value of Money, Simple and Compound Interest, Annuities, and Amortization.

Linear Programming, including Formulation of Linear Programming Problems, Graphical Method, Simplex Method, and Duality.

Matrices and Determinants, including Basic Concepts, Operations on Matrices, Inverse of a Matrix, and Solutions of Simultaneous Equations.

Calculus, including Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, and Optimization.

Probability and Statistics, including Basic Concepts, Probability Distributions, and Sampling Distributions.

As a student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BA) or Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), you are likely to encounter several courses that require you to master various mathematical concepts. One such course is Code 1429 Business Mathematics, which aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to apply mathematical tools and techniques to solve real-world business problems.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Code 1429 Business Mathematics for BA/B.Com AIOU students. We will cover the course syllabus, important topics, exam pattern, and some tips to help you excel in this course.

Syllabus Overview

Code 1429 Business Mathematics is a 3-credit-hour course that covers various mathematical concepts that are relevant to the field of business. The course is divided into ten units, which are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Business Mathematics
  2. Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
  3. Simple and Compound Interest
  4. Annuities
  5. Depreciation
  6. Amortization
  7. Investment Analysis
  8. Costing
  9. Linear Programming
  10. Statistics

Important Topics

Some of the most important topics covered in Code 1429 Business Mathematics include:

  1. Time Value of Money: This concept is the foundation of the course and is covered extensively throughout the syllabus. You will learn about the different methods of calculating interest, such as simple and compound interest, and how to apply these concepts to solve business problems.
  2. Investment Analysis: You will learn how to evaluate different investment options and calculate their returns using various financial tools.
  3. Linear Programming: This topic deals with optimization problems and how to find the optimal solution to a given problem.
  4. Statistics: This unit covers basic statistical concepts such as measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, and regression analysis.

Exam Pattern

The final exam for Code 1429 Business Mathematics is worth 100 marks and is divided into two parts. Part one consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, each worth 1 mark. Part two consists of five long questions, each worth 10 marks. The exam duration is three hours, and you must score at least 40% marks to pass.

Tips to Excel in Code 1429 Business Mathematics

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice: Mathematics requires practice, and the more you practice, the better you will become. Solve as many problems as you can from each unit and try to solve them on your own before referring to the solutions.
  2. Understand the Concepts: It’s important to understand the concepts before attempting to solve problems. Take your time to understand the concepts and the logic behind them.
  3. Memorize Formulas: There are several formulas in this course, and it’s important to memorize them to save time during the exam.
  4. Take Mock Tests: Mock tests are a great way to assess your preparation level and identify areas where you need to improve.


Code 1429 Business Mathematics is an essential course for BA/B.Com AIOU students, and mastering its concepts can help you solve complex business problems. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with a good understanding of the course and some tips to help you excel in it.

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