Basil By Huma Waqas Urdu Romantic Novel

Basil By Huma Waqas is a

Unique Rude Hero Based Urdu Novel

. Read episodic novel here in complete files form and download. a Very unique story line and full of Suspense this novel is greatest among all.

Kidnapping Based Urdu Novel

Basil is Very Famous Urdu novel by Huma Waqas i.e. based on a story of kidnapping from Pakistan to China.   A Girl from Pakistan is tricked and kidnapped by a Chinese gang who are active in kidnapping girls from many countries and taking advantage in porn industry with those girls for earning money.

Very Romantic and Unique Story Based Urdu Novel

Read here in episodes, each episode is updated one after another and available to read online.

Basil Novel By Huma Waqas


Huma Waqas is very talented Urdu novelist who has been writing since long time. Mohe Piya Milan ki Aas is her Beautiful creation after “Maqsoom” which was her great achievement. Huma waqas is Pakistani Urdu Writer from Faisalabad. She has done MSC and A teacher by profession and inspired by Umera Ahmed in writing.

Basil By Huma Waqas Read Online


باسل از ہما وقاص

قسط نمبر 30 اپلوڈ ہو چکی ہے


تمام اقساط کے لنک نیچے موجود ہیں، کسی بھی قسط کو پڑھنے کے لئے قسط نمبر پر جائیں اور پیج کے نیچے اگلے اور پچھلے پیج کے لنک پر کلک کریں۔

ناول کے متعلق اپنی رائے نیچے کمنٹس سیکشن میں دیں۔

Basil Novel By Huma Waqas

از قلم ہماء وقاص

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Basil by huma waqas

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