Basil By Huma Waqas PDF Download

Basil By Huma Waqas has very different and strong story line that keep grabbed your interest till end. Very well written plot and scenes creation is lovely from the beginning. Here we have complete Episodes updated for the readers as well as PDF download link in the end.

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Basil By Huma Waqas Complete Novel Read Online And PDF Download. Unique Rude Hero Based Urdu Novel . Read the episodic novel herein as complete files form and download. a Very unique storyline and full of Suspense this novel is the greatest of all.

Kidnapping Based Urdu Novel

Basil Novel is Very Famous Urdu novel by Huma Waqas i.e. based on a story of kidnapping from Pakistan to China.  basil by huma waqas A Girl from Pakistan is tricked and kidnapped by a Chinese gang. Who is actively kidnapping girls from many countries and using them for porn industry for earning money, Unfortunately they picked up the wrong girl who later revealed to be Hero’s love and that makes the story to turn unfold.

باسل ناول کے کچھ اضافی سین جو صرف اس ویب سائٹ پر شامل کئے گئے ہیں، پڑھنے کے لئے نیچے موجود لنک کا استعمال کریں

Read Basil hero Duraan about in this story, a very unique character.

انوکھی جیت از ہما وقاص پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں، یہ کہانی ہے ایک امیر اور گھمنڈی لڑکی اور ایک غریب مگر نڈر لڑکے کی جو ہر قسم کے حالات سے لڑنا جانتا ہے۔ 

Basil Consists of 52 Episodes all are here for readers.

Very Romantic Unique Story Based Romantic Urdu Novel

Read here in episodes, each episode is updated one after another and available to read basil by huma waqas online.

Basil By Huma Waqas

ہما وقاص کے تمام ناولز کی فہرست

Huma Waqas is a very talented Urdu novelist who has been writing for a long time. Mohe Piya Milan ki Aas is her Beautiful creation after “Maqsoom” which was her great achievement. Huma Waqas is a Pakistani Urdu Writer from Faisalabad. She has done MSC and A teacher by profession and inspired by Umera Ahmed in writing.

Basil By Huma Waqas Read Online Completed in 2021

2021 باسل از ہما وقاص

تمام اقساط کے لنک نیچے موجود ہیں، کسی بھی قسط کو پڑھنے کے لئے قسط نمبر پر جائیں اور پیج کے نیچے اگلے اور پچھلے پیج کے لنک پر کلک کریں۔

ناول کے متعلق اپنی رائے نیچے کمنٹس سیکشن میں دیں۔

ناول کے متعلق اپنی رائے کمنٹ میں ضرور دیں۔
از قلم ہماء وقاص

Basil Episode 1 | Basil Episode 2 | Basil Episode 3 | Basil Episode 4 | Basil Episode 5 | Basil Episode 6 | Basil Episode 7 | Basil Episode 8 | Basil Episode 9 | Basil Episode 10 | Basil Episode 11 | Basil Episode 12 | Basil Episode 13 | Basil Episode 14 | Basil Episode 15 | Basil Episode 16 | Basil Episode 17 | Basil Episode 18 | Basil Episode 19 | Basil Episode 20 | Basil Episode 21 | Basil Episode 22 | Basil Episode 23 | Basil Episode 24 | Basil Episode 25 | Basil Episode 26 | Basil Episode 27 | Basil Episode 28 | Basil Episode 29 | Basil Episode 30 | Basil Episode 31 | Basil Episode 32 | Basil Episode 33 | Basil Episode 34 | Basil Episode 35 | Basil Episode 36 | Basil Episode 37 | Basil Episode 38 | Basil Episode 39 | Basil Episode 40 | Basil Episode 40 Second Part|Basil Episode 41 | Basil Episode 42 |Basil Episode 43 |Basil Episode 44 |Basil Episode 45 |Basil Episode 46 | Basil Episode 47 | Basil Episode 48 |Basil Episode 49 | Basil Episode 50 | Basil Episode 51 | Basil Episode 52 Last Episode|

Force Marriage Based Urdu Novel

Basil by Huma Waqas is a super hit novel by Huma Waqas. It has been liked and read by more than any of Huma Waqas Novels. She has been writing for a long time and a tremendous grip on writing and love to write one after another. basil by huma waqas was started in Mid 2020 and lasted till January 2021 from the very start caught up a lot of readers.

Basil By Huma Waqas PDF Download

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