Harmaan Naseeb Na Thay By Huma Waqas Complete Novel

Harmaan Naseeb Na Thay is a Romantic story based novel. Harman Naseeb Na thy Novel About a romantic couple who lived happily soon after marriage but started to be unbounded. Soon aftersome time realized the reasons and facts that makes them apart. Sometime good and wise decision on timely manners save many precious things in our lives.. In this beautiful romantic novel you will read how we find someone we do not expect to meet.

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With a wonderful writing style and amazing writing skills, Harman Naseeb Na thy Novel is here for the readers and gaining the readership largely as the novel has one of the cutest love story written by the Novelist. Huma Waqas has the ability to grab writers attention and capture the mind.

Harman Naseeb Na thy Novel

Harmaan Naseeb Na Thay By Huma Waqas Complete Novel

ایک خوبصورت ایسی تحریر جو ان شادی شدہ لوگوں کے لئے ہے جو اپنے ہمسفر کو سمجھ نہیں پاتے۔
Huma Waqas is very talented Urdu novelist who has been writing since long time. Zeest Kay Hamrahi is her second novel after “Ishq Aisa Ho To” which was her great achievement. Huma waqas is Pakistani Urdu Writer from Faisalabad. She has done MSC and A teacher by profession and inspired by Umera Ahmed in writing.


Harman Naseeb Na thy Novel

ہرماں نصیب نہ تھے از قلم ہما وقاص


Harman Naseeb Na thy Novel is here for downloading, reading and sharing for others, reading is fun and when it is too famous novel such as this one Harman naseeb na thay. The reader cannot get out the magic of writers outstanding novel.

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