Haalim Episode 19

Started in May 2018 Haalim is most famous and different novels from Other ones from Nimra Ahmed. It has completed a long journey of 18 It has completed a long journey of 18 episodes now. So, Haalim Episode 19 and for some people it is Haalim episode 20 that the readers going to read this time in 2019. Halim Episode 19 is Sakora Hanami (The Viewing of Cherry Blossoms). Haalim is a novel differentiate it from others with its unique topic and niche that is Time traveling & politics.

حالم ایپیسوڈ 19 اپلوڈ کر دی گئی ہے، ریڈ کر کے اپنی رائے کا اظہار کریں۔

Haalim Episode 19

Episode Uploaded, Please read and share your views.

haalim epi 19


Do not forget to leave your comments and let us know about your expectations from novel and what you have learned so far from Haalim Novel By Nimrah Ahmed.

Haalim Episode 20 حالم کی قسط 20 کا لنک شائع کر دیا گیا ہے


Halim Episode 19

ساکورا ہانامی

The Viewing of Cherry Blossoms.

Haalim Epi 19

Above all, Halim Episode 19 is published and has been very surprising. Also, Some people call it Haalim Episode 20 but the February Episode is 19th. In other words, due to 2 parts of episode 18 readers are confuse that the coming episode is 20 or 19.

Haalim Epi 19 Sakora Hanami

Nemrah is someone who plots and twists in the best and most creative ways in her novels.  Jannat Kay Pattay is her best novel. One must read the novel if haven’t read. Mushaf is a completely different exception.

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تالیہ نے گردن موڑ کے اسے سر سے پیر تک دیکھا ۔’’جھوٹ بولنے والے کی نشانی نمبر چھے تم میں اس وقت نظرآ رہی ہے۔‘‘
جہان : ’’ویری فنی ۔‘‘

Haalim Episode 19 PDF Download

For those who are thinking Haalim episode 20 is coming this time, Please Note that the episode coming this time is Halim Episode 19.

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  1. Sahil

    I think taliya arest ho jaye gi or Jihan sikander ki aik dafa phr entry ho gi mystry solve krny k liye

  2. Iram Arshad

    8 bjny ko h admin???

  3. admin


    1. Sal

      Thanks …. Admin
      Episode 20 Kab ??? ?

  4. Manahil

    Finally wait over?

  5. Iram Arshad

    Not again plz… … Wapis jana to zrori tha but aisy… smj se bhr h ye rukh… kbi fateh order krta h ab Taliya murad… Aidam aisy e darmyan me… Ab end kr day iska mame

  6. Hfb

    Plz ab us ka ocean pa akhri safar kr ke use mar na dein plzzzzzz happy ending honi chahiya

  7. Hajra Raja

    It was just wooooooooooooow, mza aa gya episode prh k, lgta h ye novel to abi dooor tk chlne vala h ..

  8. Saadi

    Waooo its amazing

  9. Sal


  10. rza

    taalia ni mary g…murad raja se us ne jhoot bola h k me waps ni jaun g..talia adam k elaaj k liy apny bapa se achy tareqy se mili hai…or wasy b jtny logon ko ye con kr chuki hai yahan tk k zulikfli tk ko b us k bad me to mar k b yaqeen na kru talia ki bat pe k ye murad se such bol rhe hai…at the end talia or wan fateh ikathy hu ge talia ni mary g…nimrah jtna b suspense create ker len at the end talia would be alive…

  11. rza

    wan fateh pm b bany ga bcz us ne such ni chora sach ko choose kia..

  12. Allah Allah.. nhe aa raha jihan phir.. koi tuk banti h bhla jihan k wapas aany ki…????

  13. Anamta shaikh

    Thanx ma’am nice writting ,curiousity phir sey barh gai hai next episode k liye hope that next episode bhe hum jald parh payn gey

  14. Anamta shaikh

    i wish k episode 2o bhe jald hi uplode ho ge

  15. Iram Arshad

    I think taliya wapis ni jaey ge… Q k wo yha se e gai thy… jha ki wo thy wahe wapis aye ge… Wan fateh ki grdn pe b waqt ki mohr thy mean wo b wahe ruky ga … Aidam wapis aye ga bs…

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