Haalim Episode 20

Haalim Episode 20 is to be March Episode The name is yet to be announced. After Episode 18 Part 2 that is Choor Aur Jasoos The Great Jehan Sikander entry. There has been lot of strategic turns in episodes. As Usual Nimrah Ahmed leave the readers in shock in every episode.Halim Epi 20. Episode in February is the name of Episode 19 i.e. Sakora Hanami. (The Viewers of Blossom season). Here is the Link of Haalim Episode 19

Haalim Episode 20


Haalim Episode 20 is going to release March Insha ALLAH

Click Here to Read Previous Episode Haalim Episode 19

Haalim Episode 20 PDF DOWNLOAD


Haalim Episode 20 is now going to be more and more interesting. Why? because in previous episodes you have concluded that the novel is going to end soon. Yes That’s true, now the Novel is going towards the final chapters. Lets dream Haalimians for Episode 20 🙂 Monthly Khawateen Digest has completed it’s 20 chapters. Haalim Episode 20 you can read in Khawateen digest monthly edition. i.e. Khawateen digest January 2019.

Share with us what you have Learned in Sakora Hanami?

Haalim Episode 20 PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed most famous novel. Read Online Haalim Episode 20 from CaretoFUN and enjoy the amazing experience of Political and mysterious novel Haalim by Nimra Ahmed. Also, It Started in Mid of 2017 when Nimra Ahmed reader came to know that Nimrah is starting a new Novel. Moreover, A happiness sensation spread in all of Nimra Ahmed’s readers. Haalim has completed its 18 Episodes so far and in this very month i.e. Readers of Haalim Eagerly waiting for each episode each month. However, Haalim each episode is published in Monthly Khawateen Digest.


haalim episode 20
haalim episode 20



Haalim Episode 20 Read Online

Furthermore some of the readers are under impression that the episode in February is Episode 20. However the Episode is 19th.

Halim Episode 20 is the next episode in March so read the current episode this time from above link give in this post.

Title of Haalim Episode 20

حالم کے بارے میں اپنے خیالات ہم سے شیئر کریں اگر آپ ناول سے متعلق اپنا تبصرہ یہ کوئی خاص چیز جو اس ناول سے آپ نے سیکھی ہے شیئر کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو ابھی ہمیں درج ذیل ای میل ایڈریس پر بھیجیں۔


حالم ایپیسوڈ 20

Halim Episode 20 Download

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    Jb ap log tanz krty hain tou novel parhty hi q hain ..

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