Sirat E Mustaqeem By Shehroze Sheri Urdu Afsana

Sirat E Mustaqeem is a Urdu Afsana Written by Shehroze Sheri. This is about a boy who was in depth of evils and Allah changes his life and brings him to the right path. Very interesting and religious afsana Wrttien by Shehroze Babar (Sheri).

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Shehroze Babar is Talented writer. You will experience in this Afsana. He has covered a very beautiful topic in this afsana. Shehroze Sheri is from Faisalabad Doing BS Honors and inspired by very talented writers. Hashim Nadeem and Umera Ahmed is his inspirations. He has been writing for a long time but only for himself. However this one is open for everyone to read.


Sirat E Mustaqeem


Urdu Afsana


Sirat E Mustaqeem By Shehroz Sheri
Sirat E Mustaqeem By Shehroz Sheri




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