Haalim Episode 23 By Nimrah Ahmed Last Episode

Haalim Episode 23 is published and this beautiful novel came to an end. The name of Halim Episode 23 is سفید گھوڑے والی شہزادی and it is last episode of the Haalim Novel. We Hope the readers have enjoyed Haalim Journey till end From Nimrah Ahmed. It has eventually came towards conclusion and thus Next Haalim Episode 23 is Worth reading. Clean all the thinkfull. Summarize the novel and end it. You can read here and get Halim epi 23 PDF download and Read Online. Also, After Waqt Mehrbaan you are now going to read the haalim last episode..

اگر آپ نے حالم کا خلاصہ ابھی تک نہیں پڑھا ہے تو ابھی پڑھیں اور اپنی رائے پیش کریں۔

Haalim episode 23
Haalim episode 23

جلد ہی حالم کا دو سال سے جاری سفر ختم ہونے کو ہے۔۔۔ آپ سب کو حالم کی آخری قسط کا شدت سے انتظار ہے ، ہم جانتے ہیں۔۔۔ مگر کیا آپ یہ جانتے ہیں کہ کسی بھی مصنف کے لئے اپنی کہانی کو گڈبائے کہنا بھی اتنا آسان نہیں ہوتا ہے؟ خاص کر جب #حالم جیسا ناول ہو ۔۔۔ تو حالم کے فائنل چیپٹر کا انتظار ہمارے ساتھ آپ بھی صبر سے کیجیے ۔۔۔ 🙂

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For more Urdu novels, Latest Urdu Romantic Novels and Episodic, please visit main page categories sectionHaalim Epi 23 PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed most famous novel. Read Online Halim Episode 23 from CaretoFUN and enjoy the amazing experience of Political and mysterious novel Haalim by Nimra Ahmed. Also, It Started in Mid of 2017 when Nimra Ahmed reader came to know that Nimrah is starting a new Novel. Moreover, A happiness sensation spread in all of Nimra Ahmed’s readers. Haalim has completed its 18 Episodes so far and in this very month i.e. Readers of Haalim Eagerly waiting for each episode each month. However, Haalim each episode is published in Monthly Khawateen Digest.

Haalim Complete Novel Download PDF


haalim episode 23
haalim episode 23

Perhaps Haalim Episode 23 coming in Two parts. We will be sharing with you both the parts on first priority to read online.

Haalim Episode 23 Download


We would like the readers to know that Haalim Episode 23 is putting an End to the series. The name of Haalim Episode 23 awaited. The Title is not yet announced. Meanwhile we would like to thank all of the supporters and readers of Haalim who has been supporting the writer and share their love. And appreciate the Writer.


Haalim Complete Novel Download



Haalim Epi 23 PDF Download


We are very glad that the readers has always appreciated and loved the novel and efforts of writer. However there are some who hate waiting. We understand the frustration but we want our readers to know that behind the novel there are days and nights served of writer for which the writer and their team required appreciation and not complaining.


Haalim Episode 23 PDF Download

سفید گھوڑے والی شہزادی

حالم ایپیسوڈ 23 آپ یہاں سے پڑھ سکیں گے۔

The latest episode will be available here in PDF format for downloading as soon as released. So once the wait is over readers don’t have to worry about reading and finding it.


Read Online And Download Haalim Latest Episode

So, Readers, How did you find the new episode? Enjoyed it? please share your comments in below column. Why is episode is interesting? because in previous episodes you have concluded that the novel is going to end soon. Yes That’s true, now the Novel is going towards the final chapters. Lets dream Haalimians for Episode 20 🙂 Monthly Khawateen Digest has completed it’s 24 chapters. Halim Episode 23 you can read in Khawateen digest monthly edition. i.e. Khawateen digest August 2019.

We at caretofun love to share your reviews that you share with us regarding your favorite novel. آپ ریڈرز سے گزارش ہے کے اپنا اب تک کا حالم کا سفر ہم سے شئیر کریں۔

Share your views and thoughts on halim episode 22 with us.



Readers are very curious and eagerly waiting for episode. So here we shall keep the updates posted if any.

Haalim Episode 23 Read Online

Furthermore some of the readers are under impression that the episode in February is Episode 20. However the Episode is 19th.

Halim Episode 23 is coming episode and it will be last episode. So, Keep visiting Caretofun for latest updates and information about latest chapter of Haalim. In this chapter you will get to know some of the shocking part of the Novel.

Title of Haalim Episode 23 is سفید گھوڑے والی شہزادی.


Beautiful views of Haalim readers. Share your views if wish to see here.

Haalim Latest Episode

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حالم کے بارے میں اپڈیٹ لیتے رہیں اس پیج پر اور اپنی قیمتی رائے سے ہمیں بذریعہ کمینٹس آگاہ کریں۔ کمینٹس سیکشن نیچے موجود ہے۔

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  1. Abida

    Haalim ka be sbari say wait kerna bar bar next episode upload kerny ka kehna.jab episode late hoti tab shadid gussa ana.aj jab haalim ka end ho gaya hay to wo sab batain yad ker k sharmindgi hoti hay.but haalin novel tha hi aisa k parhna bhi chahty thy time per or like that end bhi na hota bsss countinue rehta hum wait kart.
    Well last episode bhi bohat achi thi lakin bss last na hoti😌😌

    1. eshal

      you right miss abida last epi last na hoti bssss but end zruri hai har cheez ka……

  2. eshal

    you right miss abida last epi last na hoti bssss but end zruri hai har cheez ka……

  3. eshal

    superb ending ,amaizing ………bsssssssss im bht sara sad k ab humara intizar khatam ho gaya wrna bht acha lgta tha yun curious hona or apko barha text krna k plzzzzzzzzz apload soooooo hmmmmmm well i really appriciate you Nimra Ma’äm for this superb novel or jo ending apny di hai wo kamal hai sach main it'”s really very successfull happy ending…….i like this novel alot ..bsssss ap issi trhan aesy achey novel hmarey liye layen hmesha or iss novel k baad to jald az jald taa k haalim k end hony ka ghum zara jaldi kam ho sakey hmmmm………well God Bless You Maám ….

    1. Sara affan

      Dear admin
      Mai ne ap ae poochna tha k facebook pe nimra kli official page hai ya nhi
      Wahan pe halim k dusry hissy ki bat ho rahi hai ..
      Kya waqi ???
      Aur kya ap mujhy mus haf novel ka link bhej skty hain …

  4. Diya

    Great , mesmerized novel it was, i really enjoyed and try to think like Halim, kesy logon ko smjhye, analyze kry and un se apni merzi ka kam unki merzi se krwaye, Amazing!

  5. Sidra arooj

    Haalim ki laat episode ka next part kb ana ha

  6. Kanza batool

    Mujhy haalim ka end samaj nai aya new shakarbazo ka rather kon h Malia yan sofo kis k ghr gai h

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