Urdu English Noorani Qaida

Urdu English Noorani Qaida.

Urdu English Noorani Qaida, This is very Important to understand for a learner of Quraan Karim. How can we read or recite Quraan Karim. The way of Quraish and revelation and betided over our beloved Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم). Actually we cannot recite that way but we try our best to do this. This is why we’re going to show you some tips and rules to enhance your Quraan Majeed reciting.

What is Urdu English Noorani Qaida,

Qaida Mean: 

Rules of anything. This is very basics fundamentals of Quraan Kareem.

What is Tajweed:

Enhance in a best or better way. Doing something very well like a experts Tajweed mean doing something with very proper and have strong potential.

The word “tajweed or Tajwid” means to improve something, make or become better, appearance and enhance in good reciting, read the quranic letter from it’s Makharaij with clear accent and dedicated sound.

What is Makharij:

When you produce or make a single letter out from your mouth with exactly dedicated space of the mouth this called Makhaarij.

When you apply all those mentioned rules  it in The Holy Quraan then it means” you’re performing and full Furnished each letter of The Holy Book with it’s rights & dues of attribute perfectly.

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Furthermore, If Beginner understand the English and wants to improve their ability and capability on basics read this English Version Qaida.


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