Quran In English Translation.

Quran in English Translation.

Quran in English Translation with very clearly and moderate translation. We’re working to share Quran Sharif translation in all global languages. Many Quran Majeed reciters search the Holy Book translation in their languages. We’ll share to the reciters of Quran Sharif’s meaning in all languages.

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Furthermore, We’re not able to make sure which Translation is best. But Insha Allah we’ll bring the best and most authentic. May Allah (GOD) help us to the right path with this.

Allah SWT Says In The Holly Quran Karim,

We’re accepting your apologies. If you come to us with regret your past bad-deeds. This is why I already apologize for my post. If something wrong unintentionally.

Most importantly, We’re apologize if we did mistakes. We’re waiting for feedback of reciters of Quran Shreef to correction if something wrong in our PDF file.

The Holy Book


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