Noor Ul Quloob By Tanzeela Riaz Episode 6

Tanzeela Riaz is quite a senior writer & novelist, she has remarkable and romantic novels on her own. She chooses a variety of topics to write about. She mainly writes fiction and has written legendary Urdu novels such as Narasai se parsaai tak, Dasht e zulmat main, Soraj kab ruka hai and Adam ka fasana hai Duniya.

Here are some names of her Masterpieces

1.Marg e barg
2.Ik main or ik tum
3.Min shar e ma khalq
4.Tumhay Chahata To Main Bhi Hoon
5. Dasht.-E-Zulmat Main,
6. Narsai Say Parsai Tak
7. Qulb.e.abbas
8. Ihed.e.nasirat ul mustaqeem
9. Suraj kab ruka hay
10. Ahd e alast
And many more. Zeest Paheli

An amazing novel by Tanzeela Riaz latest publish in Shuaa Digest.

“Its simple answer could have been ..

“My novel … my wish ….”
.But this Buddhist response is not going to be an indication of someone. Also, you will have to tell the real thing and that it is like the loved ones as the movies and theaters perform a “Theater” for an actor for direct response and feedback. Challenges that it is hard but challenging and challenging.

I have to listen to Facebook exactly as well. Also, even before the completion of the raids. Furthermore, My dear administrators were advising that whenever a graduate gets a half-novel only page For the readers to enjoy the feedback of the readers. I also intended to write a short novel, and it is relatively easy for me as well.

Noor Ul Quloob By Tanzeela Riaz

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