Aitekaf Kay Fazail Ahkaam Aur Masail

Aitekaf is a religious practice in Islam for Muslims. Consisting of a period to stay in a mosque for a certain number of days. Devoting ownself to Ibadah and staying away from other affairs and usual practices. The Practice of Aitekaf is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallalah o Alih e Wasallam. It has special value in Ramzan and specially last 10 days in Ramzan.

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اعتکاف فضائل احکام مسائل

Wajib – If you have made a vow to perform itikaf then it is compulsory (wajib) that you do so. This could be making a vow to Allah, such as through niyyat (intention) to perform itikaf or a vow based on a condition.

Aitekaf Kay Fazail Ahkaam Aur Masail


Read about Aitekaf Kay Fazail Ahkaam Aur Masail in this book and increase your knowledge about this very fruitful ibadat in the Month of Ramzan.

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