Uraan By Faizan Ahmed Episode 4

Uraan is latest novel Faizan Ahmed. Started in September 2019 this novel is most romantic Urdu Novel. Among all the romantic novels readers love this more because of Unique story and amazing writing style. While reading the novel the readers will feel their presence at the current scene. Also it will make you feel the on going with you it self while reading this Romantic Novel.


Uraan is Completely Love Story based  Novel starts with a girl found herself tied her hands on back and locked in a room. She Tries to get escape and for that she does lot of efforts.  Start reading here this novel in high quality files and download on your device. Read Complete Novel in below link.


Also Read Aisa Kahan Say Laaein Kay Tum Sa Kahain Jisay by Faizan Ahmed. Which is Most Romantic Urdu novel.


Uraan Novel
Uraan Novel

Urdu Novel Romantic

Uraan Novel By Faizan Ahmed


ٹوٹل  20 پیجز، اگلے پیج کے لئے نیچے نمبر پر کلک کریں

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