Sulphite Novel By Noor Rajpoot Complete Novel

Sulphite Novel by Noor Rajpoot is about (Zindagi ke sath pehron ki kahani) and this story is based on the unique love story, combining knowledge and different ERA’s of life.

Sulphite novel is as unique just like the name. Throughout the novel, this man will not be hated at all because if he asks a question, answer it. Is he a disbeliever? How does he talk about Allah even when a person does not get an answer to his question? How can he believe when the questions of this child have been ignored since childhood? The way he talks logically should be answered in the same logic when a person does not believe in religion at all and you still read the Qur’anic verses. How will he believe you when he is a denier of Islam?

Sulphite By Noor Rajput

(zindagi ke sath pehron ki kahani)

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