Mala Novel By Nimra Ahmed Episode 1 to 11

Mala Novel by Nimra Ahmed Episode 11 is finally published and available to read on Nemrah Ahmed’s official facebook page. Starting from December 2021 Mala Novel is here to make your winter amazing.

Mala novel episodicly publishing in Khawateen digest as well as on Nemrah Ahmed Official page and so here. Presenting you each episode of Mala Novel By Nimrah Ahmed episode 11.

Mala Episode 11
Mala Episode 9
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Mala Novel Episode 9 Mala Novel Episode 10 Mala Novel Episode 11

Mala by Nimra Ahmed Episode 1

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67 thoughts on “Mala Novel By Nimra Ahmed Episode 1 to 11”

  1. As usual zaberdust n fantastic novel n amazing concept. I am speechless what can i ssy no words
    Stay blessed n live long with health n prosperity blessings of ALLAH ALWAYS remain with u 💝💝💖💖♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️AMEEN YA RABULALALLAMEEM

  2. I think Sarkar and Maalik are same, Mala will somehow go to Istanbul and her mom will die, theses are my guesses about the story let’s wait to see what happens in the future episodes


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