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Hello and Assalam O Alikum. CaretoFUN team Welcomes you to Best Urd Romantic Novels Portal. Today we are going to share with you here Full Romantic Urdu Novels List. Many of our readers asking us on daily basis for Romance Urdu Novels that is because some writers are this good in Novel writing that they make the readers feel the story is Real. 

Read Here Kanch Kay Paro Sang Most Romantic Urdu Novel

This is an Art of writing and our Urdu Writers has this art to make the feeling real by their words only. 

Novels in Urdu

ہماء وقاص کے خوبصورت اور شاہکار رومانوی ناول باسل کے بعد اب شروع ہونے جا رہا ہے ایک اور انوکھا ناول “کانچ کے پروں کے سنگ” صرف کیئر ٹو فن پر۔

ہما وقاص کا نیا سلسلے وار عید سپیشل ناول  بٹر سکاچ پڑھیں، لائٹ کامیڈی اور رومانوی داستان

Urdu Novels are published online on social media platforms as well as in monthly digests and in book forms. Some people like to read adventurous and spy based novels. The Majority of such readers are male. Such novels  are mostly published in Jasoosi Digest. Jasoosi Digest is Pakistan’s Monthly Digest and is famous for Jasoosi, adventurous spy Stories.


Read Mohay Piya Milan Ki Aas By Huma Waqas – A Jungle based romantic novel.

Also, read Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels

novel in urdu
novel in urdu

Some people like to read love stories in Novels and this kind of readers are most of all. Now a days people easily can access all novels from Online stores and websites where PDF soft copies are available for readers. Furthermore, all the novels are available on single click that easily can be accessed. Here is some of the monthly Digests names which are regularly published from famous publishers.

Urdu Novels


Urdu novel pdf download


These digests can be found in book shops and you may purchase physical copies in the closest stores. Our support is for internet readers that can not locate it on time. That is why they come on our website to see Urdu Romantic Novels. This may be read online. Additionally, you may download them free download PDF.

Novel in Urdu

Welcome to the realm of Novels Urdu free Urdu digest Website you will detect monthly digest Khawateen digest November 2020 PDF Download on this outstanding website. We’re conscious that you’re fond of assessing Shuaa Digest’s latest version. Therefore, you wait entire month to release excellent digest Shuaa.

Teen Auratien Teen Kahaniyan

Great news for people who live overseas and they want to browse the Shuaa Digest PDF download. You might find it within our studying section Urdu novels free download. What’s more, readers of Urdu novels free download in pdf format are pupils of universities too.

A Monthly Digest Shuaa Digest January February March 2020 is an interactive yearly report that provides you the inside scoop on some of the most popular subjects, trends, and marketing techniques being used in the marketplace these days.

Free Urdu Digest

This yearly Urdu Digest Khawateen Digest November 2020 digest enables marketers to upgrade their customers on the most recent approaches to advertise their company through using electronic media, social media, web-based communications, and SEO marketing.

Additionally, it functions as a tool for promoting businesses to share the most recent information and advancements with their clientele.

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Urdu Romantic Novels


Famous Urdu Novels

Most of the people love to read Romance in Urdu novels for that we are publishing here the list of Full Romantic Urdu Novels for readers to access their chosen one and read easily online. Here is Best Urdu Novels and a Beautiful and unique collection of romentic urdu novels for our dear online readers. 

Karna Tu Meri Hifazat By Tahreem Fatima

Urdu Novels List

Urdu Novels list being updated regularly with latest and famous Urdu Novels, we are updating newest released novels regularly here so the readers can with ease read their favorite ones.


Aansuon Ki Dua By Samreen Ahsan
Aay Mohabbat Teri Khatir By Nazia Kanwal Nazi
Abbu Ki Princess By Nighat Seema
Aik Khata By Komal Sarwar
Aisa Kahan Se Laaen Kay Tum Sa Kahain Jisay By Faizan Ahmed
Aitebar E Wafa Kon Kare By Mahwish Chaudhry
Azab Raston Ka By Mahwish Urooj
Bagop By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Bisat e Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari
Black Mirror By Samreen Shah
Blank Mission By Mazhar Kaleem
Borshay By Sumaira Hameed
Chaap Talak Chand By Farzana Kharal
Chahat Aur Wafa By Shahzadi Hifsa
Chand Meri Dastaras Main By Ana Ilyas
Char Ratain By Faizan Ahmed Horror Novel
Chashm E Namm By Ayat Noor
Collection of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem
Death Mission By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Dil Ki Dharkan Tum Ho By Farwa Mushtaq
Double White By Mazhar Kaleem
Golden Kolock By Mazhar Kaleem
Har Martaba Tu Chaiye By Ana Ilyas
Haya Novel By Fakhra Waheed

Above is Romantic Urdu Novels List for easy reference that can easily be grabbed. most of the novels are very very famous all the time. 

Read Most Romantic Urdu Novels and download their PDF copy in one click. We are here to provide you best quality of each novel containing here. Urdu Novels Read Online.

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Full Romantic Urdu Novels

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Romentic Urdu Novels Download

Urdu Poetry

A Place where you don’t have to find the Best one Urdu Novels 2020, but you are looking for Full Romantic Urdu Novels you see here in Urdu Novels is already the best One.

As there are categories under Novel Writers some people likes Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels that means Zabardasti Nikkah / Shadi and such related novels with Romance. We Usually see this happens in Villages but not only villages it also happens in big cities, famous countries also. Forced Marriaged Based Urdu Novels are quite famous and largely read in Urdu Novel Facebook. 


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