The Best Urdu Novels of All Time: A Comprehensive List

Romantic Urdu Novels are best in reading. We are sharing here today about forced marriage Urdu romantic novels. Yes, you have read it correctly. There is indeed such novels which are reading by hundred of thousands of people and are soul-shaking. Forced marriage Urdu Romantic novels are mostly read in our Urdu social media readers society.

There have been a lot of stories about forced marriage in our society. Mostly in villages, this happens that the girl is kidnapped. Here you are reading such forced marriage novels and learning about what actually is happening.


Urdu novels have long been a popular form of literature in South Asia, and many of them explore the complex social issues faced by women in the region. Forced marriage is a particularly common theme in these novels, reflecting the harsh reality that many women face in rural areas. Through these stories, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and injustices that women in these communities must confront on a daily basis.

Famous Urdu Novels and Their Authors

ہما وقاص کا نیا سلسلے وار عید سپیشل ناول  بٹر سکاچ پڑھیں، لائٹ کامیڈی اور رومانوی داستان

Forced Marriage Based Urdu Novel Chiragh Sham Se Pehlay by Huma Waqas Read here

Many of us have just heard about the love marriage novels but today we are sharing with you here forced marriage based romantic Urdu novels.

Read Here Most Recent Forced and Kidnapping Based Novel BASIL

باسل ہے کہانی ایک ایسی لڑکی کی جسے اغواہ کر کے چین لے جایا گیا اور اس جیسی ہی بہت سی لڑکیوں کے ساتھ رکھا گیا، اور ایک ایسے نوجوان کی جس کی زندگی صرف غموں کا ڈھیر نظر آتی ہے۔ پڑھیں مکمل ناول باسل از ہما وقاص اور اپنی رائے سے آگاہ کریں

basil by huma waqas
basil by huma waqas

Basil by Huma Waqas is a forced marriage based Urdu Novel. It is a kidnapping and romance based Urdu novel. The author of this novel Huma Waqas Her unique writing style is very interesting and fabulous. Any age of Peoples can understand its story plot and for sure the reader will fall in love with the writings of this author.

Urdu novels have long been a popular form of literature in South Asia, and many of them explore the complex social issues faced by women in the region. One recurring theme is forced marriage, which unfortunately still occurs in some parts of society. Through reading these novels, readers can gain insight into the realities of this practice and the impact it has on individuals and communities.

Hero Forced to Marry Heroine Urdu Novels

Mohay Piya Milan Ki Aas is another Kidnapping based Urdu Romantic Novel.

موہے پیا ملک کی آس ایک ایسے جوڑے کی کہانی ہے جنہیں ایک سفر کے دوران پوری بس سمیت اغواء کر لیا گیا، جہاں سے انہوں نے راستہ فرار اختیار کر کے کئی دن جنگل میں

گزارے  قدم قدم پر ایک دوسرے کا ساتھ دیا۔

کہانی پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں


Bold Romantic Urdu Novels

نیچے تمام ناولز موجود ہیں

Urdu Novels are a really good and interesting activity for novel readers nowadays. Readers especially the young generation love to read Romantic-based Urdu Novels. People from whole over the world love to read Mohabbat Based novels. The Urdu Language also is known as Lashkari. It is the official and national language of Pakistan. Urdu, like Hindi, is a language of Hindustan means India. That’s why Pakistani and Indians also read these novels all around the globe. also here you can find a complete range of any category novel which you want and love to read.

Basil Novel Overview

Best Urdu Novels to Read Online for Free

Read Basil Complete Novel by Huma Waqas Online From here. You have the opportunity to read the novel in high resolution. Just click on images and read the page image on the next page. Thank you for visiting our website. Hope, You’ll Enjoy this Latest Update. Have a Good Day. Urdu novel Basil is available now on Pakistan’s largest Urdu Novel website “Novel Paheli” for online reading and download.

Basil by Huma Waqas

People love to read Romantic Romance Urdu Novel, Arranged marriage, Kidnapping Based Novel, Hero doctor, Army based, Hero teacher, Love after, Rude Hero and Heroin Based, university-Based, Hidden Nikah Based, Marriage Hero Police, Forced Marriage Novel, Revenge based and Funny Romantic Novels. Here You can see the largest collection of online novels to read. You can Read & Download All famous Urdu novels at this place. We have a free collection to read the paid novel without any charges. Basil Read free and online, suspense Urdu novel is also available here.

Famous Urdu Novels and Their Authors

Basil By Huma Waqas is available below to Read Online & Download. Just click on the below images and read the novel in high Format. You can also download this, The link is available on Mediafire. We hope you’ll like this website. Thank You for visiting our website.

Forced Marriage Novel
Mohabbat Based Novels
Rude Hero Novel
Romantic Novels
Khoon Baha Novels


Forced marriage Urdu romantic novels


Some people like to read adventurous and spy based novels that are mostly published in Jasoosi Digest. Jasoosi Digest is Pakistan’s Monthly Digest and is famous for Jasoosi Stories.

Read Mohay Piya Milan Ki Aas By Huma Waqas – A Jungle based romantic novel.


Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels[/caption]

Some people like to read love stories in Novels and this kind of reader is most of all. Nowadays people easily can access all novels from Online stores and websites where PDF soft copies are available for readers. Furthermore, all the novels are available on a single click that easily can be accessed. Here are some of the monthly Digests names which are regularly published by famous publishers.

  1. Khawateen Digest
  2. Shuaa Digest
  3. Aanchal Digest
  4. Kiran Digest
  5. Jasoosi Digest
  6. Pakeeza Digest
  7. Suspense Digest

A very few of us have ever experienced seeing in real how forced marriage happens. if you read deep these forced marriage based Urdu novels you come to an idea of how brutal and worst this situation is. Also, there are cases in a society where not the girl is kidnapped but a lot of Urdu Novels you can reach out that states about boys kidnapping in novels.

Most people love to read Romance in Urdu novels for that we are publishing here the list of Full Romantic Urdu Novels for readers to access their chosen one and read easily online.

Karna Tu Meri Hifazat By Tahreem Fatima

Aansuon Ki Dua By Samreen Ahsan
Aay Mohabbat Teri Khatir By Nazia Kanwal Nazi
Abbu Ki Princess By Nighat Seema
Aik Khata By Komal Sarwar
Aisa Kahan Se Laaen Kay Tum Sa Kahain Jisay By Faizan Ahmed
Aitebar E Wafa Kon Kare By Mahwish Chaudhry
Azab Raston Ka By Mahwish Urooj
Bagop By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Bisat e Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari
Black Mirror By Samreen Shah
Blank Mission By Mazhar Kaleem
Borshay By Sumaira Hameed
Chaap Talak Chand By Farzana Kharal
Chahat Aur Wafa By Shahzadi Hifsa
Chand Meri Dastaras Main By Ana Ilyas
Char Ratain By Faizan Ahmed Horror Novel
Chashm E Namm By Ayat Noor
Collection of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem
Death Mission By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Dil Ki Dharkan Tum Ho By Farwa Mushtaq
Double White By Mazhar Kaleem
Golden Kolock By Mazhar Kaleem
Har Martaba Tu Chaiye By Ana Ilyas
Haya Novel By Fakhra Waheed

Read Most Romantic Urdu Novels and download their PDF copy in one click. We are here to provide you the best quality of each novel containing here. Urdu Novels read Online.

Also, read here Imran Series complete novels by most active and well-known novelists of Pakistan Such as M. A Rahat. Here we have categorized the novels in different themes and different readable formats. This makes easy for readers to understand the purpose of page and get to read the novel which it is looking for.

Headline: Top Websites to Download Urdu Novels for Free

Answer: Yes, there are several websites where you can download Urdu novels for free. Some of the top websites include Urdu Novels, Kitab Ghar, and Urdu Point. However, it is important to note that downloading copyrighted material for free may be illegal in some countries.

Introduction to Urdu Novels
Urdu novels are a popular form of literature in Pakistan and India. They are written in the Urdu language and are known for their intricate plots, vivid descriptions, and emotional depth. Urdu novels cover a wide range of genres, including romance, mystery, historical fiction, and social commentary.

2. Classic Urdu Novels
Some of the most famous Urdu novels are considered classics of the genre. These include “Umrao Jaan Ada” by Mirza Hadi Ruswa, “Aag Ka Darya” by Qurratulain Hyder, and “Manto Ke Afsane” by Saadat Hasan Manto. These novels are known for their literary merit and cultural significance.

3. Contemporary Urdu Novels
Contemporary Urdu novels are written by a new generation of authors who are exploring new themes and styles. These novels often deal with contemporary issues such as gender, politics, and social inequality. Some popular contemporary Urdu novelists include Umera Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, and Hashim Nadeem.

4. Popular Urdu Novels
There are many Urdu novels that have become popular among readers in Pakistan and India. These novels often have a wide appeal and are enjoyed by readers of all ages. Some popular Urdu novels include “Peer-e-Kamil” by Umera Ahmed, “Mushaf” by Nimra Ahmed, and “La Hasil” by Umera Ahmed.

5. Urdu Novels in Film and Television
Many Urdu novels have been adapted into films and television dramas. These adaptations often bring the stories to a wider audience and introduce new readers to the world of Urdu literature. Some popular Urdu novel adaptations include “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” by Umera Ahmed, “Humsafar” by Farhat Ishtiaq, and “Manto” by Saadat Hasan Manto.

6. Importance of Urdu Novels
Urdu novels are an important part of the cultural heritage of Pakistan and India. They provide a window into the social and cultural history of the region and offer insights into the lives of ordinary people. Urdu novels also serve as a means of entertainment and escapism for readers, allowing them to explore new worlds and experiences.

7. Conclusion
Urdu novels are a rich and diverse form of literature that continue to captivate readers in Pakistan, India, and around the world. Whether exploring classic works or discovering new voices, readers can find a wealth of stories and experiences in the world of Urdu novels.


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