Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels

We are sharing here today about forced marriage Urdu romantic novels. Yes, you have read it correctly. There is indeed such novels which are reading by hundred of thousands of people and are soul-shaking. Forced marriage Urdu Romantic novels are mostly read in our Urdu social media readers society.

There have been a lot of stories of forced marriage in our society. Mostly in villages, this happens that the girl is kidnapped. Here you are reading such forced marriage novels and learning about what actually is happening.

Forced Marriage Based Urdu Novel Chiragh Sham Se Pehlay by Huma Waqas Read here

Many of us have just heard about the love marriage novels but today we are sharing with you here forced marriage based romantic Urdu novels.

Read Here Most Recent Forced and Kidnapping Based Novel BASIL

basil by huma waqas
basil by huma waqas


Forced marriage Urdu romantic novels


Some people like to read adventurous and spy based novels that are mostly published in Jasoosi Digest. Jasoosi Digest is Pakistan’s Monthly Digest and is famous for Jasoosi Stories.

Read Mohay Piya Milan Ki Aas By Huma Waqas – A Jungle based romantic novel.


Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels

Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels[/caption]

Some people like to read love stories in Novels and this kind of reader is most of all. Nowadays people easily can access all novels from Online stores and websites where PDF soft copies are available for readers. Furthermore, all the novels are available on a single click that easily can be accessed. Here are some of the monthly Digests names which are regularly published by famous publishers.

  1. Khawateen Digest
  2. Shuaa Digest
  3. Aanchal Digest
  4. Kiran Digest
  5. Jasoosi Digest
  6. Pakeeza Digest
  7. Suspense Digest

A very few of us have ever experienced seeing in real how forced marriage happens. if you read deep these forced marriage based Urdu novels you come to an idea of how brutal and worst this situation is. Also, there are cases in a society where not the girl is kidnapped but a lot of Urdu Novels you can reach out that states about boys kidnapping in novels.

Most people love to read Romance in Urdu novels for that we are publishing here the list of Full Romantic Urdu Novels for readers to access their chosen one and read easily online.

Karna Tu Meri Hifazat By Tahreem Fatima

Aansuon Ki Dua By Samreen Ahsan
Aay Mohabbat Teri Khatir By Nazia Kanwal Nazi
Abbu Ki Princess By Nighat Seema
Aik Khata By Komal Sarwar
Aisa Kahan Se Laaen Kay Tum Sa Kahain Jisay By Faizan Ahmed
Aitebar E Wafa Kon Kare By Mahwish Chaudhry
Azab Raston Ka By Mahwish Urooj
Bagop By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Bisat e Khwab By Wajeeha Bukhari
Black Mirror By Samreen Shah
Blank Mission By Mazhar Kaleem
Borshay By Sumaira Hameed
Chaap Talak Chand By Farzana Kharal
Chahat Aur Wafa By Shahzadi Hifsa
Chand Meri Dastaras Main By Ana Ilyas
Char Ratain By Faizan Ahmed Horror Novel
Chashm E Namm By Ayat Noor
Collection of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem
Death Mission By Mazhar Kaleem Imran Series
Dil Ki Dharkan Tum Ho By Farwa Mushtaq
Double White By Mazhar Kaleem
Golden Kolock By Mazhar Kaleem
Har Martaba Tu Chaiye By Ana Ilyas
Haya Novel By Fakhra Waheed

Read Most Romantic Urdu Novels and download their PDF copy in one click. We are here to provide you the best quality of each novel containing here. Urdu Novels read Online.

Also, read here Imran Series complete novels by most active and well-known novelists of Pakistan Such as M. A Rahat. Here we have categorized the novels in different themes and different readable formats. This makes easy for readers to understand the purpose of page and get to read the novel which it is looking for.